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How to hire the right DUI lawyer

When faced with a DUI, the first thing you must do is hire a lawyer. However, you cannot hire just any lawyer – you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer. So, how do you go about finding such a person? Well, you can contact your local lawyer’s association and ask for referrals to attorneys specialized in DUI cases. The other thing you can do is look through the Yellowpages or even online for DUI lawyers in your area. Once you have a short list of the attorneys who could represent you, the next step you should take is to meet with them to determine who you are going to hire.

Lawyers cost a lot of money, so you really do not want to hire someone with whom you are not comfortable or who does not have your best interests at heart. The best way to determine whether a DUI lawyer will be a good fit for your case is to meet with them in person for an initial consultation. During this initial meeting the lawyer and you will have a chance to size each other up. You will also likely go over the history of your case and what you might be facing and what you expect from their involvement. Remember to bring all of your evidence with you to the meeting. At this point the lawyer should be able to give you an overview of how they think your case will best be handled. They will field any questions you might have and you should get a price for what their services will cost.

Once you have met with the lawyers on your shortlist you will be able to determine which one best fits your needs and your budget – just remember that you generally get what you pay for. If a lawyer is not charging very much, then you might want to think twice about hiring them. Good lawyers tend to charge more because they know that people will pay their price in order to get the results they want.

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