Hanna Alex Associates PA

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8700 W Flagler St

Miami, Florida 33174

(305) 883-7272


About Hanna Alex Associates PA

Alex A. Hanna is a member of the Florida Bar since 2001. Mr. Hanna is a graduate LLM, Univ. Miami; Graduate JD, S t.Thomas Univ.; Graduate BBA, F.I.U; Graduate AS, Jones College. Recipient of the Key to Miami-Dade County (2006). Naming of the St. Thomas Univ. Law Library- Alex A. Hanna School of Law Library (2008). Read More

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The D.U.I. Handbook: For the Accused A DUI can be a very serious offense with even more serious consequences. Your DUI conviction could result in high fines, jail time and an increase in your car insurance premiums or even your right to operate a motor vehicle. This handbook will go over the details of your DUI procedure from start to the end of your process including your legal rights, interactions with the police and court and also how to select the best DUI attorney for your case.
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