Advice for new drivers when receiving behind-the-wheel driving training

New drivers are a varied bunch – some are thrilled to finally be sitting behind the wheel of a car while others are sweating bullets over the thought of having to drive in traffic and merge onto a freeway. The best advice for all new drivers when they are about to begin their training is to LISTEN. Your driving instructor is there to help you, guide and teach you how to handle a car on the road. In order to hear what they have to say, you must leave all of your preconceived notions of what driving is at the door and listen very carefully to the instructions that your instructor will be giving you.

Along with listening to your instructor, here a few other helpful hints for new drivers as they begin their driver’s training.

Buckle up!
The first thing you should do when you sit down in a car is to put on your seat buckle. Regardless of whether it is mandatory in your state or not, it is your best defense in case of accident.

Adjust your mirrors
The next thing to do after you have buckled up is to adjust your mirrors properly. You should essentially have no blind spots if you mirrors are well adjusted. You rear view mirror should give you a view of the entire rear of the road while either side mirror should NOT reflect the side of your car, but rather the entire lane beside your vehicle.

Be confident – not cocky
Driving requires confidence – but cockiness will get you into trouble on the road. You should not be scared to merge with traffic, turn or park, but you should not be so overly confident that you forgo basic road rules such as signaling your intentions, driving at the speed limit and stopping at stop signs.

Lastly, be calm and relaxed. Your instructor will know when and how to help you progress by starting you off on small streets and then taking you on busier thorough fares. Therefore, listen and pay attention and you should do well on
your practical driver’s exam.

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