After a traffic course is completed, how long does it take for the infraction to be removed from the record?

Following the completion of an online traffic school course, the time it will take for the infraction to be removed from your driving record will depend entirely on when your local Traffic Bureau receives your certificate of completion.

If you are in no hurry to clear your record then you can have the online traffic school mail your certificate to your Traffic Bureau. By the time the Bureau receives your certificate and processes it, you can expect to wait anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more. Wait times really vary from state to state, but on average the waiting period is one month – and that delay is mainly due to mailing, delivery and processing because the Traffic Bureaus generally clear records the moment they receive the certificates of completion.

However, if you are in a rush to have your record cleared, then you can request your online traffic school to mail your certificate of completion directly to you. Once you have received your certificate you can take it directly to your Traffic Bureau. By handing your certificate in person to an agent, you may even be able to have your record cleared that day. However, in some instances it will take up to five working days for your record to be cleared.

Generally, following the completion of an online traffic school course you can expect your record to be cleared within the following month. So, do not despair if you find yourself facing the prospect of traffic school – with today’s online options and the speed at which the courses can be taken and passed you can expect a clear record in no time at all.

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