What is the average price for taking an online traffic school?

The average price for taking an online traffic school course varies widely between schools. Some online schools charge as little as $14.99 while others can go as high as $48.95. However, to the cost of the actual online traffic school course you must add the cost of the original citation as taking the course does not wipe out your moving violation entirely; the course merely helps you to improve your permanent driving record by either removing the citation from it or by restoring any lost points.

Some people might consider the price for taking an online traffic school course high when the content and subject matter are broken down, however, the costs associated with having a citation on your permanent driving record or having lost points can be significantly higher.

When you have a citation on your driving record or if you have lost points, you are automatically placed in a slightly higher risk category. If you repeatedly get moving violations or lose more than just one or two points then your risk assessment gets higher. Insurance companies love higher risk records because it means that they can then charge exorbitant premiums for coverage. In some cases, if the insurer deems you too high a risk, they might even cancel their coverage leaving you unable to drive. Not being able to drive in our cities can be a major obstacle given the lack of adequate public transit and our existing urban sprawl.

In order to avoid such negative consequences of a citation, it is best to swallow the nominal price of taking an online traffic school course and to complete the necessary certificate. The long-term cost savings and peace-of-mind are priceless.

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  1. I was wanting to know how long does it take to get your license going through this class? If I never been a dui can you still participate? If yall do hands on who much more does it cost? Does it help lower insurance? If yall dont do hands on can you help me find a program that does but works fast, like two weeks or less? If so, am I able to get my license without doing a test at the dmv.

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