What to look for when searching for a bail bondsman

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense for which you must either spend time in jail or provide bail, you will need a bail bondsman to provide you with the money. Either yourself or a loved one will have to find a bail bondsman to help bail you out of jail. Most of the time bail bondsman’s phone numbers can be found in the jail itself or listed in the yellow pages. When looking for a bail bondsman it is best to hire someone located just outside the court house.

You will need to give the bail bondsman 10% of the bail as his fee. So if your bail is set at $10,000, you will have to give him $1000. The bondsman then pays the full $10,000 to the court and you are released from jail. Once you appear in court then the bondsman gets his full $10,000 back and also keeps your $1000. If you do not appear in court, the bondsman loses his $10,000 and then sends agents after you to collect the outstanding money.

When hiring a bail bondsman you will have to provide the person with all of your vital information along with information for the person for whom they are posting the bail. You will then generally meet them at the court house in order to post the bail. Make sure that the bail bondsman you hire is a licensed professional and verify his credentials before doing business with him. Also, make sure to get receipts for every charge incurred.

Before having to deal with bail, ask your lawyer to see if you can be released on your own recognizance. If that is not possible, then try to post bail using your own money. The positives include getting all of it back after you appear in court and saving the 10% bail bondsman’s fee.

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