After I finish up traffic school and the certificate is mailed to the court, how do I find out if the point was removed from my driving record?

Once you have obtained your online traffic school certificate of completion and the certificate has been mailed to the court, you can always call your local DMV to find out whether the point was removed from your record. Finishing a course at a traffic school entitles you to request the removal of up to three […]

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After a traffic course is completed, how long does it take for the infraction to be removed from the record?

Following the completion of an online traffic school course, the time it will take for the infraction to be removed from your driving record will depend entirely on when your local Traffic Bureau receives your certificate of completion. If you are in no hurry to clear your record then you can have the online traffic […]

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How long do traffic convictions stay on drivers license records?

After pleading guilty to a driving offense, most people wonder how long the conviction will remain on their driving record. The answer to this question is varied, as each state within the United States has their own laws concerning the length of time a violation will remain on a driving record. In general, traffic convictions […]

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