Will a Georgia DUI automatically suspend my drivers license?

If you are arrested for DUI and you blow over the legal limit or refuse to provide a sample for the state blood, breath, or urine test your license will be suspended on the 31st day after your arrest.  The arresting officer is supposed to take your license and turn in a Department of Public […]

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Is the DUI law different for how each state treats a conviction?

Regardless of the state in which you live, DUI is treated as a serious offense. However, a DUI is not given the same penalties across the nation. So, in order to be fully informed, you will have to consult your state’s laws to find out exactly what will happen to you if you are stopped […]

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Differences between a DUI and a DWI

In short there is no real difference between a DUI and a DWI. DUI is the acronym for driving under the influence and DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. Most jurisdictions do not recognize a difference between the two terms. However, in some states, they do not use DUI at all. The only place where […]

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Strategies for a strong DUI defence to fight a conviction in criminal court

Naturally, all DUI defense strategies will depend entirely on an individual’s particular case. Nearly no two DUI charges are exactly alike as circumstances, the individuals involved, the time of day, the BAC levels and everything else will vary from case to case. [ad#Google Adsense]So, building a strong DUI defense can only be done with your […]

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DUI Aftermath: Tips for getting around on a suspended license

Let us face facts: losing a license due to a DUI can be a real hardship – especially if your work depends on your use of a vehicle. However, there are ways of getting your license reinstated early in some cases. In others, you will simply have to find alternate means of getting around. Here […]

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How does a DUI conviction affect your driving record?

Any and all DUI convictions will be reflected on your driving record. Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, if you are convicted of a DUI, it will be shown on your driving record. Depending on your state’s laws, such convictions remain on your record unless your state allows for you […]

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DUI Arrest: What you need to do know and what you can expect

If you were arrested for a DUI then you have probably already spent the night in your local drunk tank (jail cell) and got through your first experience of what happens to those stopped for drunk driving. Once you have been arrested for a DUI, your licence is immediately suspended and in most instances your […]

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