Can I go to traffic school for a cell phone ticket?

Have you been slapped with a cell phone ticket lately for texting or talking while driving? Well, truly using the cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous and the practice has taken many lives earlier on road. Thus, most of the American states today have added a new driving law which bans texting or talking […]

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Traffic101 Coupons, Reviews and Discounts

Updated on 8/17/2013 August 2013 Coupon Codes for TrafficSchool101 === XQU-T10115P === Get 35% or up to $11 off === EHZ-T10120P === Get 30% or up to $9 off Price: As low as $14.95 Coupon Code: PAS-T10140P YTQ-T10135P BBB Rating: A+ Delivery: Mail (FedEx) Phone Number: 800-373-7313 Website: TrafficSchool101 coupons (YTQ-T10135P), (PFD-T10145P) and (PAS-T10140P) […]

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GoToTrafficSchool Coupon Code, Reviews and Discounts

Price: As low as $17.95 Coupon Code: TF3CPNCD BBB Rating: B Delivery: Mail (USPS, FedEx) Phone Number: 888-329-7069 Website: Under the business name of [Coupon code already applied to the link], CyberActive aims at focusing on topics like driver education and traffic safety. In fact, this website has become one of the most […]

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Is attending a traffic school mandatory?

In most states across the country attending traffic school – either online or land-based, is a voluntary move done when people wish to have a citation removed from their permanent driving records. However, in certain states, some infractions will automatically land you in traffic school for a basic refresher driving course. The state of Florida […]

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Does the court check if you did 2 traffic schools in the last 18 months?

When you get a moving traffic violation, which results in you having points added to your license your first inclination might be to try to get into traffic school to get the demerit point removed from your permanent driving record. However, unless you have not attended traffic school in the last 18 months you will […]

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Can you take traffic school for parking citations?

Whether someone can take traffic school for a parking tickets is a commonly asked question – the short answer is “no.” Most traffic schools are offered only for moving violations. However, that being said, there is no reason why you cannot plead your case with the court. When you receive a parking ticket you have […]

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How do you verify a course you take at an online traffic school will be officially recognized by the court?

When you are shopping around for an online traffic school in which to enroll in order to wipe a citation off your driving record, you must always make sure of three things: a) the school offers a recognized and accredited course b) the school is officially recognized by the court that is requesting the course […]

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Do you have to complete your online traffic school all in one day?

When you are stopped for a moving violation and handed a citation, it is natural to feel horrible and to immediately start thinking about ways to mitigate the impact of the violation on your driving record. One of the best ways to do this is to enroll in traffic school. Courts all over the country […]

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What happens if you fail your online traffic school final test? Can you take it again?

The question of whether you can retake a final exam should you fail the first time around is a very good one. If you had signed up for a land-based traffic school course, you would be subject to their timeline and their rigid rules. In land-based traffic schools, if you fail the final exam the […]

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What is the average price for taking an online traffic school?

The average price for taking an online traffic school course varies widely between schools. Some online schools charge as little as $14.99 while others can go as high as $48.95. However, to the cost of the actual online traffic school course you must add the cost of the original citation as taking the course does […]

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