How Much Is The Ticket For Not Having A Possession Of The Drivers License?

Everybody in charge of the steering should be ready with a valid license while on-road. As per the current traffic rules, all the drivers on-road must have their valid license in possession while operating the vehicle on highway so that they can show up with the document whenever asked for by the police officer. A […]

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Ticket Fine for Failure To Stop At A Stop Sign

Driving on-road needs to follow certain traffic rules which every driver must abide by. One of the most important of the traffic rules is to stay attentive to “Stop” signs and obeying to the driving laws. There are “Stop” signs at every major road in order to control the speed limit of the drivers and […]

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Is It Legal To Have Tinted Front Windows In California?

Many people prefer to have their front car windows tinted- surely a coat of tint on the car windows enhances the glamour of the vehicle by a great extent and so of the owner. Moreover window tint is even asked for given the protection it provides for by restricting the entry of the harmful UV […]

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How Much is a Carpool Lane Violation Ticket Going to Cost Me?

A person in charge of the steering on-road should stay aware of the roads and lanes specified for special purposes, such as the carpool lanes. The carpool lanes are not for general everybody use and as per the current traffic law, the vehicle traveling on a car pool lane should have the minimum amount of […]

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Does Your Car Insurance Go Up If You Get A “Fix It Ticket”?

Car insurance and traffic tickets seem to have an integral connection. It has been found that in most cases a person earns a traffic ticket and gets points in his driving record, his car insurance goes up invariably. This is especially in cases of serious traffic misdemeanors- whenever a driver commits a grave traffic violation, […]

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Running a Red Light Traffic Ticket Fines

If you are into driving you must be aware of all the traffic laws. One of the most important and fundamental traffic laws is respecting the red light. According to the traffic laws, every driver should stop if faced with a red light and can only attempt to proceed if he/she gets a green signal. […]

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How much is the fine for not having a car insurance ticket?

Getting car insurance is a must if you have got a new car and plan to take the steering yourself. It not only protects your car at the time of unforeseen mishaps but also the passengers inside as well as compensates for anyone who has been mistakenly attacked by your vehicle. Hence, auto insurance is […]

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How much is the fine for a texting while driving ticket?

Driving is a tricky and complex affair and hence everybody behind the wheels is supposed to highlight his entire attention on the steering only. On that note texting while driving is a seriously condemned affair for all drivers out there as it take away the attention of the driver lowering his focus on-road. Texting in […]

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Advice and tips on defending your traffic ticket in a court trial

If you have received what you perceive to be an unfair traffic citation and are preparing to fight it in court, then there are things you should know in order to be as prepared as possible to face the judge. Although most people assume that all they have to do is show up and state […]

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Are you required to sign your traffic ticket?

If I refuse to give a signature, does that mean the ticket is invalid? Getting a traffic ticket is always horrible event. Not only will that ticket set up back financially, but depending on the infraction, it can also come with several demerit points. Demerit points will be reflected on your driving record, which in […]

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