Which driver education methods qualify for insurance discounts?

Auto insurance is a costly yet unavoidable expense over your new car. It’s true that your car is one of your most prized possessions and thus you have to arrange for an adequate coverage to protect it from any possible external disturbances. But the prime problem here is that the auto insurance premiums are pretty expensive, especially when the new car is a trendy model and the driver is a teenager. The teenage drivers are generally taken as irresponsible and immature who have been found to responsible for many accidents owing to their recklessness. The high expenses of the insurance premium become a serious turn off for many drivers and thus some of them do not even bother to insure their car. But the great news is that there are a good a number of ways to lessen your insurance premium and the most viable of these is a session on defensive driving course. Yes, you will find many leading insurance providers who are ready to reduce your insurance premium provided you can display a certificate of defensive driver.

But why is it that defensive driving courses lower down your insurance premiums? Well, we all know that millions of accidents are taking place every year. Whenever there’s an accident and somebody is injured, the insurance companies have to bear the liability if the car is insured. Now, quite logically, when a person is a certified defensive driver, there will be less accidents and eventually lesser insurance claims.

The defensive driving courses are specifically aimed to teach you the particular tactics of safe driving. The defensive driving program is not like the basic driver’s education courses which enlightens only on the primary driving instructions and car parking; rather it teaches you something more on road safety and secured driving. The defensive driving lessons are imparted with a purpose to teach you how to drive safely in spite of the disturbing situations on-road. It could be a slippery road from rain/snow or an undulating road surface due to improper road structure. Besides, the defensive driving courses would also educate you to maneuver your car through a congested road avoiding any possibility of collision or accidents skillfully.

Moreover, this particular and special driving course teaches the students how to drive carefully keeping a safe control on your nerves since a jittery driver is always likely to lead to accidents. Besides, the defensive driving courses would educate you on how to handle the steering carefully when you are under any influence such as drug or alcohol. Most importantly, the defensive drivers’ education programs are designed to make the candidates aware of all the existing traffic rules and regulations so that he does not fall prey to the traffic tickets unknowingly. The insurance companies can hike up your premium rate if they find any black spot on your traffic record.

Thus, whenever a person completes a defensive driver education successfully, it could be expected that he will come out as a more responsible and confident driver after the course. He would be conscious of all the different tactics to handle a car safely, avoiding many accidents and eventually the insurance claims in turn. A defensive driver can foresee the disastrous situations and knows how to clear them out. The best part is that when a person takes a defensive driving education, he is not only taught to keep his car safe but also on how to avoid the injuries to fellow drivers and passengers’ on-road.

Hence, as a person completes his defensive driving program and attains the certificate of defensive driver, it’s assumed that he has developed a mature hand behind the steering. No wonder, he is least prone to collisions and thus the insurance companies consider him to be a safe client and lessen the insurance premium.

It has been found that there are a good host of insurance companies that are ready to provide for 2-15 percent of auto insurance discounts if the driver happens to be a certified defensive driver.

There are plenty of schools out there that provides for defensive driving courses. You will find the classroom based courses where the students study under the guidance of a lecturer according to the traditional pattern. But these days there are the online defensive driving schools that enable you to take the course prepared by leading instructors sitting from your home, anytime in 24/7. The online course module is pretty interesting as these are stuffed with flash animations and video based training schedules. GetDefensive.com is considered one of the best companies offering online defensive driving courses. With GeDefensive coupons you can expect to pay the lowest price on a defensive driving course that was produced with the best quality with you the driver in mind.

However, if you are planning to take up defensive driver’s education to reduce your insurance premium, make sure that the school is approved by your local DMV and the State courts. Finally and most importantly, you have to check that the defensive driving program is approved by your insurance provider.

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