DUI Aftermath: Tips for getting around on a suspended license

Let us face facts: losing a license due to a DUI can be a real hardship – especially if your work depends on your use of a vehicle. However, there are ways of getting your license reinstated early in some cases. In others, you will simply have to find alternate means of getting around. Here we will discuss your options once your license has been suspended.

If your livelihood depends on your ability to drive either to work or for work-purposes, then you can also petition the courts to reinstate your license as long as you have an interlock device installed on your car. An ignition interlock is a kind of breathalyzer that is installed on your engine’s ignition.

You must exhale into the interlock and only if your blood alcohol level is less than the pre-programmed setting will you be able to start the ignition. Usually the setting is programmed to between .02 and .04 percent. Interlock devices can request random breath samples to prevent a friend from blowing into it and then allowing the intoxicated person to drive off. If it detects alcohol, then it issues the driver a warning and then turns on an alarm until the ignition is turned off. Interlocking devices are costly and you will have to assume the cost of installing it and maintaining it for the duration of your license suspension.

Should you not have a compelling reason to convince the courts to reinstate your license or provide you with an interlocking device, then your best bet is to get yourself a good guide to your city’s bus routes and plan your travel time accordingly. Or you can find a friend who is willing to pick you up or your can even start biking to wherever you need to go.

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