Does Your Car Insurance Go Up If You Get A “Fix It Ticket”?

Car insurance and traffic tickets seem to have an integral connection. It has been found that in most cases a person earns a traffic ticket and gets points in his driving record, his car insurance goes up invariably. This is especially in cases of serious traffic misdemeanors- whenever a driver commits a grave traffic violation, the insurance agencies cannot take him as a sensible driver any more and eventually hike up the car insurance policy premium.

But what if you have got a “fix it ticket”? Fix-it-tickets are also dubbed as correctable violations which are usually given for not-so grave offences. The offences that come under fix it tickets or correctable violations are equipment violation (such as broken taillight), driver’s license violations (in case you are carrying an expired license or your license is not in possession with you while driving), auto registration offences (such as in case your registration has expired or if the registration was not with you while you’re driving) etc. Fix-it tickets are also handed in case you tint your car windows beyond the specified level or if you do not carry the proof of auto insurance while driving. If you get the fix it ticket you might need to appear for the court. So, your task here would be to rectify the problem beforehand, then get some authorized official sign on the “Correction Certificate” and present it before the court with the needed dismissal fee within the stated deadline. If the court is satisfied with you, no points would be added to your driving record.

Now, a question comes up that whether the car insurance premium would increase if you get the fix-it ticket. It’s a very natural query given that car insurance agencies are always on a spree to hike up the premiums in most of the cases where the driver is handed with a ticket. But is it relevant in case of fix-it tickets too? You would be getting several forums online where people handed with correctable violations are keen to know about their insurance status as they were handed with a ticket. The article here is all about to discuss on it in full detail. Read on for further information.

Fix it tickets are usually handed for minor offences which mostly do not involve any serious driving fault but actually arises out of unawareness regarding the particular traffic laws. The victims are mostly the teen drivers who generally forget to carry their insurance or license proof along with them. In such a situation when they are handed with a fix it ticket the first thing that worries them that would it be affecting their car insurance as in most cases these teens have their dads paying for it.

Well, if you too are in a similar situation with a fix-it ticket, the good part is that it’s not going to affect your insurance rates. The insurance companies can only increase your premium if they find points in your driving. But in case of fix-it tickets no points get added to your driving record if you pay off the penalties accordingly. Thus the insurance companies do not get to know about your tickets and hence nothing affects your insurance rates. You are not charged of an increased premium even after getting a ticket.

But the situation won’t be the same if you ignore the ticket and do not submit the dismissal fines to the court. Many people are under a notion that since fix-it tickets are for minor offences, they can easily get away by not attending the court. However, it’s not so easy to avoid a ticket this way and if you have been ordered by the ticket for a court appearance, you are bound to obey it as otherwise your negligence here can lead to disastrous consequences.

If you do not or fail to attend the court as per your fix-it ticket repeatedly, the court would issue another fine on your name. If you fail to submit the fine further, the court is going to suspend all your driving privileges and ban your license for the time being. This particular act from the court would get you a number of points on your driving and ultimately enhance the insurance premium to a great extent.

This, be careful if you have got fix it ticket. It’s true that fix it tickets won’t lead to increased premiums but any negligence on your part here would get recorded in your driving record and when the insurance company finds it you are left with no other choice but to pay up for a rising premium rate.

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