How can I fight my traffic ticket?

Sometimes it is better to stand your ground and fight that speeding ticket rather than meekly pay for it – especially if your driving record does not look too good and your insurance is up for renewal. Yes, you can fight that ticket. However, you must bear in mind that fighting a traffic violation rarely results in a positive outcome.

The first thing to do if you are pulled over for speeding is not to admit guilt – doing so can be held against you when it comes to a trial. Also, do not pay the fine immediately. Paying the fine itself is an admission of guilt.  A conviction for speeding can raise your premiums by a high as 27%. Get a second minor conviction and watch your premium balloon up to 40%.

When you get to trial try to see if you can have the tickets dismissed. If you have a clean driving record, you can ask the judge for leniency to have the ticket removed. In some southern states, one can ask the judge to defer his judgement, as long as you maintain a clean driving record in the next six months you stand to win.

Attending traffic school is another good way to beat that ticket. Some states will allow you to attend traffic school for a nominal fee if the speeding violation is in the15 mph to 20 mph range.

You best chances for winning a traffic ticket challenge is if it is the first ticket you have every received or your driving record has been good for more than three years. Remember to be prepared, to dress appropriately and hope for a sympathetic judge. However, if you do not win, prepare to pay the additional fees that you will be slapped with on top of the original citation along with any court fees and penalties.

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