How much is the fine for not having a car insurance ticket?

Getting car insurance is a must if you have got a new car and plan to take the steering yourself. It not only protects your car at the time of unforeseen mishaps but also the passengers inside as well as compensates for anyone who has been mistakenly attacked by your vehicle. Hence, auto insurance is one of the most vital investments to go for the moment you get a car. It must be mentioned along with that the car insurance is required even if you are not driving the car personally and have somebody else assigned to for the steering.

According to the State traffic laws, in U.S. every car owner must have a minimum value of liability coverage as fixed by his specific State traffic law. The minimum value would vary by states, however, on an average, a least coverage of minimum $25, 000 is required for death/bodily liability for a single person in accident, $50,000 for all deaths/injuries in accident and $25,000 for any property damage liability.

Thus, you see that getting minimum liability coverage is mandatory according to State traffic laws in US. It’s a completely reasonable expectation from the State because if you are being provided with the privilege of driving on the State roads and highways you have to take the responsibility if any damage occurs in the State roads on your part. An insurance policy here would act as the compensation for the damage caused by your irresponsible driving on-road. On the other hand, by having car insurance you are proving yourself to be a mature and responsible driver.

Just make sure that you are having the insurance policy done from a State DMV and traffic court certified insurance agency since otherwise your insurance policy won’t be accepted by the State court. It has a huge significance on your driving record as owning a car without recognized car insurance is a serious offence according to traffic laws and would attract great penalties. Besides, having insurance only is not enough, you have to show up with the records whenever you are stopped by a cop. If you fail to show up with the records, your insurance coverage won’t be recognized and you would be handed with a traffic ticket and the according fines.

It’s necessary to inform that not having an insurance (either short-term or an annual one) for your car would attract a number of penalties. First of all, if you are caught without having car insurance, somewhere around 6-8 points would get added to your driving record. Apart from the points, they could also impound your car. You might even face a suspension order on your driving- however that’s discretionary. In addition, there are fines to be paid.

Now, the question comes that what is the ticket amount for not having a car insurance ticket? This is a really common query and if you browse online there are several forums where people are asking on the ticket amount on not having car insurance. Most of them are people who are about to buy a car for the first time.

So, what’s really the ticket amount for not having your car insurance ticket/proof? Well, the ticket amount here would vary from State to State as each State has their respective specifications regarding the fine value. But still, on an average, the ticket amount here is a pretty hefty one. Whichever State you belong to the traffic ticket amount for not having car insurance would be somewhere around $500. It could be less like $420 in some States while some state can go a little beyond $500 but in general a fine of $500 is only standard in most of the major States in US such as California, Texas or Alabama. However, the fine amount would further depend on your traffic rule violation along with the failure to show insurance proof. The above mentioned fine value is simply due to the failure to come up with an insurance testimonial but if the person is guilty of committing an additional traffic offence with the inability of displaying insurance proof, the ticket amount here would be definitely higher than the average $500 mentioned above. In such cases, your ticket amount could even reach up to as high as $1,000 USD. So, beware.

It’s necessary to mention that in case you are fined for not having insurance, you can either decide to pay the fines or else it’s better to get your ticket dismissed from having a traffic school course. The State courts would usually allow a traffic school certificate to dismiss your traffic ticket. There are traffic schools both online and offline. It’s best to opt for the online ones as these would enable you to study from home and that too anytime.

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