How much is the fine for a texting while driving ticket?

Driving is a tricky and complex affair and hence everybody behind the wheels is supposed to highlight his entire attention on the steering only. On that note texting while driving is a seriously condemned affair for all drivers out there as it take away the attention of the driver lowering his focus on-road. Texting in time of driving includes a number of actions such as composing, sending or reading text and e-mail messages from the mobile handsets while operating with a vehicle. According to the traffic reports texting while handling a car hikes up crash risks reducing one’s awareness as well as performance. In fact, as per a recent study report, the very practice raises the crash risk up to 23 times, especially for the truck drivers.

So, you see texting while driving is a complete no for any driver on-road. If one avoids fiddling with his mobile handset while in charge of the steering, he ultimately comes up with considerably reduced possibility of accidents and all other misfortune arising from the mishap. In 2009 US President Obama prohibited all the federal employees (officials and other staffs) from texting while in charge of the government vehicles or their own vehicles as well, if they are using government-provided phones and are on the official business.

Now, the question comes that can you get a ticket for texting while driving? Well, a traffic ticket is handed when a person commits an act stipulated as a traffic violation. As per the current traffic law, texting (writing, reading or sending text dependednt communication) while driving on any electronic wireless device is a serious infraction. In many states such as California, all the drivers are prohibited from using handheld wirefree telephones while behind the wheel. However, it’s important to mention here that the particular traffic law is stricter in case of younger drivers (aged below 18 and 21) and in all the states the younger drivers are completely banned from using a cell phone while driving, even if it’s not the similar consideration with the other drivers. Again in many states, only the drivers with intermediate license and temporary learning/driving permit are banned from texting while driving. So, whether you will get a ticket or not depends on your particular state traffic law. Check it from your State DMV whether they recognize it as an offense or not.

But again, it’s necessary to mention that maximum of the US states have banned using a mobile phone while driving on-road and any violation of the law would face with a traffic ticket. The ticket for texting while driving would include fines, add points to your driving record and at times imprisonment or even suspension of license depending on the severity of the occasion.

Now, how much is the fine on a traffic ticket for texting while driving? It’s a very usual query and many people are still unaware of the fine value for texting in times of driving. You are most likely to find many forums over the net where the drivers, especially the teens and new drivers are eager to know about the fines for the said offense.

Well, the fine amount here would vary from one state to another. But on an average, the fine for texting while driving comes to $300. In some states like California it’s really low with the fines ranging between $20-$50, however there are other penalties associated with it and the court costs. Besides, in Alaska, fiddling with your mobile handset is considered as one of the most dangerous of offenses and consequently the ticket comes with a super charge reaching up to $5000. In most other states, the fine amount rests somewhere between $100- $500. So, if your State has entitled texting while driving as illegal, you have to check for the fine amount from your State DMV. It’s needed to mention further that the fine would tend to rise depending on your turn of the said offense, i.e. if you are being caught for the same offense again and again, you are supposed to pay for higher fines every time. So, be careful.

However, in most cases you are allowed to dismiss your traffic points through a traffic school education. Most of the courts permit a ticket dismissal if you can produce a traffic course completion certificate within the deadline as stated by the court. There are both the traditional land based traffic schools to go to while many people today prefer for the online traffic schools. The internet based traffic schools come along with plenty of advantages like 24/7 service and study-from-home facility. Moreover, they have a very engaging course material as well as allow for practice permit tests so that you can come out better prepared in times of your final exam.

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