If traffic school is an option, are you allowed to get an extension?

You can get an extension on the payment of bail if traffic school is an option. If you have been charged with a minor traffic violation, you may have the option of attending traffic school; this will allow you to get a bail extension. Once you complete the traffic school program within the prescribed time, the offense will be dismissed.

It is your responsibility to contact the clerk’s office to make a request for the extension. If accepted, you will be given a list of traffic schools to choose from. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with the traffic school. Some traffic schools now offer classes on the web as well as in person. If there is an online traffic school that offers the course needed in your district, which you would like to attend, but that is not found on the accepted list given to you, all you have to do is ask your clerk whether enrolling in your preferred school will be permitted. In most instance the court will allow you to enroll in your choice of online traffic school.

There are additional fees to be paid for enrolling in traffic school. As well, you have to ensure that you have completed the program by the prescribed time that the court has given you. If you fail to provide to the courts proof that you have completed the class by the due date, the court will take your traffic school fee and convert it into bail and forfeit it with no further proceedings.  Forfeiture of bail will result in a conviction that automatically gets reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The courts will not permit you to retake the exam or enrol in a second online traffic school course.

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