Is attending a traffic school mandatory?

In most states across the country attending traffic school – either online or land-based, is a voluntary move done when people wish to have a citation removed from their permanent driving records. However, in certain states, some infractions will automatically land you in traffic school for a basic refresher driving course.

The state of Florida is the most recent state to legislate mandatory traffic school for drivers who either run a red light or pass a school bus with its stop sign out. In the state of Texas speeding over a certain limit will also net you mandatory traffic school.

However, in most states traffic school is still a voluntary option. A court can mandate you to attend traffic school if you are repeatedly fined or pulled over for a certain offense and some traffic courts will simply send you to traffic school if you try to argue with them, but in general, the only time you will be forced to attend mandatory traffic school is if the state you live in has statutes set up enforcing such laws.

The benefits of attending an online traffic school are many. While it is true that you will have to pay to attend the traffic school, when you obtain your certificate of completion and have it sent to the court, then you can have any citations removed from your permanent driving record. Furthermore, you will once again get an overview of basic driving rules and of defensive driving strategies, which will go a long way towards helping you avoid getting into a similar driving situation in the future. Furthermore, if your infraction resulted in the removal of a point from your license, successfully completing traffic school can result in the restoration of that point.

While attending traffic school might not be the top priority on anyone’s list of things to do, the pros of completing a course far outweigh the cons – especially if you have been stopped for a serious infraction.

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3 Responses to “Is attending a traffic school mandatory?”

  1. it depends if the court order you to do it but if not you dont have to.

  2. A new law just passed in Florida which now limits the number of times someone can do traffic school to 5 times in a lifetime. If used to be 5 times every 10 years…no more

  3. If you want to drive well and avoid losing your license, attending a driving school can help you achieve this goal. You get to learn the rules about driving and which will help develop you become a responsible driver. Besides, when you drive responsibly, you can avoid committing traffic violations and therefore need not have to go to traffic school.

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