Is it illegal to use a police radio scanner to avoid getting a traffic ticket

At the present time it is only illegal to use a police radio scanner to avoid cops in certain states – and even in those places the laws are relatively recent. However, while the majority of states do not have laws against using the scanner on their books, that does not mean that you will get away with using one if caught.

Right now the states where it is definitely illegal to obtain and use a police radio scanner to avoid cops include Washington, D.C., Illinois, New York, Virginia and Minnesota. The state of Florida currently has a law being proposed that would ban the use of police radio scanners to avoid cops. The state of Connecticut repealed their law banning the use of radio scanners in 1998 so that it is now legal to use the devices in order to avoid speeding traps set by the police.

Now whether using a police radio scanner in order to avoid the cops, traffic tickets and traffic school works or is a good idea is a totally different ball game. In fact, programming a police radio scanner for all of the jurisdictions through which you are likely to pass will take a long time and might be a waste of time – why? Well, unless you are familiar with the place in which you are driving then you will find it hard to figure what the cops on the scanner are referring to. Police on the scanner talk about a lot of things and unless you are familiar with what they are referring to, then you just might find yourself as clued out as though you did not own a scanner.

Most people who use police radio scanners on a regular basis to avoid the cops do so in their own home towns where they know the landmarks, the reference points and the different neighborhoods. However, those people who purchase police radio scanners in order to use then when traveling cross-country on a road trip will quickly find that they can be more of a hindrance than an aid. In either case, just make sure to check before purchasing and using a police radio scanner because laws are being changed constantly and a state where it is legal to use one today, might not be so lenient with the devices a year from now.

If for some odd reason you still got a traffic citation and are required to attend traffic school then you are still in luck! You could simply opt in to complete your traffic school online and most online classes aren’t that expensive to being with. In addition, be sure to check out our traffic school coupon section for the latest promo code for all top online traffic school providers in your area.

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  1. I have some free police scanner programs from the “program store” on my iPod touch.

    I don’t know how they do it, but I’m able to get 3 divisions of my previous city and several in my current city.

    The best part is, I’m simply using the Internet. Im sure they can still trace ip’s of people using the program though. Free wifi hotspots that are picked up with a long range, high gain antenna should free you of most traceability to your house though.

  2. I love listening to my scanners!

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