Is It Legal To Have Tinted Front Windows In California?

Many people prefer to have their front car windows tinted- surely a coat of tint on the car windows enhances the glamour of the vehicle by a great extent and so of the owner. Moreover window tint is even asked for given the protection it provides for by restricting the entry of the harmful UV rays in your car. But most of the US states, especially California is very strict regarding the tint coats on front car windows and has firms laws enacted to monitor the practice. So, if you are staying in California and wish to have car windows at the front tinted, don’t forget to check with the State traffic law requirement before you decide on.

Now, when it comes to car window tinting in California, a question pops up that whether the State legally allows for tinting the front window of your vehicle. The front window here implies both the side windows for the driver and passenger sitting at the front seat of the car. In very simple words it could be clarified that front car window tint is not definitely illegal in California but the State has its own particular reservations regarding the tint, i.e. California has specifications regarding the percentage of tint applied. Moreover California is even particular about the reflectivity and the color of the tint to be applied on the windows at the front portion of your car.

Thus, unless you are going beyond those specifications with your car window tint, it won’t be considered illegal. Actually, there are certain reasons behind these State reservations and the most important of these is that if the tint gets too dark the driver won’t be able to view the road and the traffic signals properly. There’s a high chance of sudden crashes if the car window is tinted beyond the standard level. The State is typically particular about the front window as it’s the window of the driver chiefly, the principle man behind the steering and any irresponsible act here can bring absolute misfortune for many.

So, now what are the exact specifications in California in terms of the tint coat at the front car window? The degree of darkness of the tint is calculated by VLT (Visible Light Transmission) %. The VLT % refers to the proportion of the visible light to be permitted in via the film combination and window.

According to the contemporary traffic law in California, the front windows of your car are permitted to be tinted but the tint proportion here should be light enough to let more than seventy percent of sunlight inside. It means that the VLT % in case of front windows would be higher than seventy percent.

Now, California has also kept reservations regarding the reflectivity of the car window tint since high reflectivity from your car windows can disturb the pedestrians walking on-road leading to many unfortunate mishaps. Actually, much like the sunglass lenses, the tinting film at times come with some metallic elements which help to reflect the incoming light, deducing the heat and glare generated from visible light. As per the modern traffic law in California, the side windows installed at the front side of the vehicle shouldn’t be more reflective in comparison to the standard window.

Again, there are some other reservations in California traffic law when it comes to car window tint. California prohibits the use of “blue”, “amber” and “red” for the tint hues which should be maintained by every car owner here. Besides, the traffic law here doesn’t permit medical exemption which would permit you to use any special tint.

It must be mentioned here that if you have your car front windows tinted in California, then be careful with the tint certificate signed from the tint installing agency assuring that your windows are tinted completely according to the subdivision requirements here and the certificate should come up with the tint manufacturer’s full name plus street address. In case the tint is applied by the car owner, the owner must have a certificate in his possession which would be signed from the tint manufacturer stating that the tint installed meet up with all the subdivision requirements with full name & address of the manufacturer. Have the certificate with you whenever you are driving as you might be stopped for it anytime.

Now, in case, you have your front car windows tinted beyond the specified legal level, you are most possibly to be handed with “fix it ticket” by a police official. You would be given a specified time limit or a strict deadline within which you have to rectify the tint to get the ticket removed. Always remember to have the tint coat rectified by a reputed agency only as otherwise any problem further would ultimately hamper your driving record.

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