Preventative driving safety measures to take to avoid getting tickets

One of the biggest reasons that people get traffic tickets is for road infractions while driving. The main infraction that people assume will get them a citation is speeding – however, that is only one of the many ways in which you can see yourself slapped with a fine and possible demerit points for breaking driving rules.

After we obtain our driver’s license most people tend to take driving for granted and end up promptly forgetting most of what they learned in driving school. However, many of the things taught to us in traffic school are actually extremely good lessons on how to avoid getting tickets. The preventative driving safety measures to take to avoid getting tickets we have all learned, but sometimes need a refresher course on in order to jog our memories into remembering them. Here are some ace tips to help keep you safe and secure – and ticket-free, on the road.

Always signal!
That’s right – although it might seem like a pointless waste of time, using your signals to indicate your intentions is not just common courtesy but it will also minimize your chances of meeting with an accident and also of getting a traffic ticket. Police will hand out traffic tickets for failing to use a signal and in some places that infraction can set you back nearly $30.

Check your blind spots!
Another preventative driving tip that too few people employ is checking their blind spots. Checking your side mirrors before changing lanes is not the only thing you must check before you begin your move. Oftentimes, a car will be hidden in your blind spot and you will find yourself in an accident if you are moving at high speeds or the other car does not have enough time to slow down. Make it routine to check your blind spot before initiating a turn.

Drive at the speed limit
Yes, what they say about speed is true – it kills. Most traffic road fatalities are the result of drivers going too fast. The speed limits have been set at a point where drivers are still able to wield solid control over their cars and have enough time to react to changing situations. Besides – driving the speed limit will also help you to conserve gas; and with gas prices being what they are today – who doesn’t want that?

Drive defensively
Driving defensively is driving without the assumption that the other person is aware that you are there. Never take for granted that the drivers around you are paying attention and will be doing what they should be doing. Driving defensively means that you should always maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you. Come to a full stop at stop signs. Slow down at yellow lights and always be polite.

Preventative driving will not only make you a safer driver, but will also ensure that you will always avoid costly traffic tickets.

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