Running a Red Light Traffic Ticket Fines

If you are into driving you must be aware of all the traffic laws. One of the most important and fundamental traffic laws is respecting the red light. According to the traffic laws, every driver should stop if faced with a red light and can only attempt to proceed if he/she gets a green signal. It’s a mandatory obligation for every driver on road and any violation here would meet with serious penalties.

Thus you have to be very careful regarding the traffic lights. The State traffic laws always maintain a strict attitude especially in relation to red lights because the running the red light is a major reason behind the on-road accidents leading to serious injuries, property damages and deaths each year. In fact, if you consider the traffic records, 20 percent of the on-road mishaps occurring each year are due to running the red light. Thus, the States maintain strict surveillance when it comes to traffic lights.

There are red light cameras at every intersection on road to monitor the behavior of vehicles and the drivers inside as per the traffic lights. Thus even if there’s no officer at the intersection, any violation regarding running a red light by the drivers would stay recorded inside the camera in the form of videos and pictures. These captures are later reviewed by the traffic officers and any offense regarding the red light would thus get reported. The cameras would help the officer with the time and date of offense, license plate of the wrong-doer, vehicle’s speed as well as the time span elapsed after that traffic light went red. As the officers take out the particular traffic violation information, a citation is mailed to the offender within fourteen days of the offence along with snaps of the offender behind the steering while running red light plus the images of his license plate that makes it simply impossible to deny the traffic ticket.

When you get a traffic ticket due to running the red light, there are a number of penalties involved. You will get points added to your traffic record and there could be suspension of your driving license record too for the time being. But most importantly, the offender here would be faced with serious ticket fines.

Now, a common question pops up here is that how much is the ticket fine for running the red traffic light. Many of the people driving today are not aware of it and you would be getting many portals online where people are eager to know about the fine amount in lieu of disobeying the red light. Most of them seem to be the young and amateur drivers who are still not aware of all the traffic laws and penalties for breaking them.

Well, it’s to be mentioned that the traffic fine for running the red light would vary from state to State. But in general it’s a pretty hefty sum for the offender. If you want an average idea, then it could be said that the ticket fine for running the red light is somewhat nearly $500. For example in California the fine value for the pertinent offence is $450 while in Florida it’s $262. However, the maximum fine amount could be as high as $1000.

Then, it should be stated that the ticket fine here due to running a red light would also differ according to the zones you are driving by. In some cases, for example if the red light violation occurs in a construction zone, the ticket fines would be just the double amount of the usual fine amount in the same State. Besides, the fine value would further vary regarding the turn of the offence. The fine amount would tend to rise up if you have already committed the same offence previously.

So, what to do if you are handed with a ticket fine on account of running the red light? As told earlier that these traffic citations come with solid proof of your guilt and thus it is really tough to beat the fine. But however, you can somehow dismiss your traffic ticket in case you join up with a traffic school. According to State traffic laws, a successful completion of a traffic school course within a specified deadline by the State court would result in clearing off your traffic ticket.

There are traffic schools both offline and online. It’s always smarter to sign up with online traffic schools as they allow you to study from the home’s comfort and that too anytime since the virtual schools are open 24/7. Simply make sure that your traffic school is recognized by the State court. Besides, a traffic school certificate for the ticket dismissal won’t be permitted if you have already taken a course within the past 18 months.

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