Strategies for a strong DUI defence to fight a conviction in criminal court

Naturally, all DUI defense strategies will depend entirely on an individual’s particular case. Nearly no two DUI charges are exactly alike as circumstances, the individuals involved, the time of day, the BAC levels and everything else will vary from case to case. [ad#Google Adsense]So, building a strong DUI defense can only be done with your attorney after reviewing the circumstances of your charge. The defenses that will be put together will be very different if it is your first offense, your second or you are a repeat offender. The defense will also depend on whether anyone else was involved in you getting charged – for instance, if you were responsible for an accident and if someone was injured due to it.

If it is your first offense, then one of the best ways to help your attorney build a strong defense is to gather together all evidence that will help them build an upstanding character profile of you to present to the court. If you are able to prove that you are involved and an active member of your community, that you are working towards a higher degree, that you volunteer or belong to some sort of organization, it will all count towards building a positive profile for you. The judge will take an upstanding character profile into consideration when passing judgment. In many instances, if it is a first offense and you have a very strong character profile, then your attorney might be able to get the charges dismissed entirely as long as you pay a fine or give money to a charity and promise to keep out of trouble for a year.

Building a strong defense starts with a good lawyer and then with as much evidence as you can collect that your charge was an aberration and not a normal occurrence in your lifestyle.

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