What are the student requirements for teen driver’s education courses?

Teens are always eager to sit behind the wheels as it gets them a feel of independence, style and freedom. But unfortunately, the young people are generally hot blooded and reckless that leads to numerous accidents every year. They are immature, restless and cannot foresee the possible on-road disasters. A glance through the yearly statistical record would grimly disclose the several cases of on-road injuries and deaths owing to the irresponsible driving of the teen drivers. Thus, it’s necessary for every teen driver to enroll himself in a driving course to stay aware of the traffic rules and learn how to drive carefully, avoiding any possible collision.

Now, when it comes to the teen driving educational courses, different states have different laws for their teen drivers who are about to enroll in a program. However, there are some basic student requirements that are prevalent for teen driver education in almost every state. If you have a budding teen driver in your home and you are interested to learn more about these requirements, read below. This article here is all set to focus on the usual student requirements for the teen driver education courses.

To start with, it’s to be mentioned that the teens eager to take part in the driving education courses should not be below 14 years of age. On the other hand the teen driving education would not allow any student over 18 years of age. The usual practice of taking teen driver’s education was through classroom sessions. But these days there are many online educational formats which allow the students to take up the course from their homes itself.

Now, since the internet based driving schools are open 24/7 and it enables the candidates to follow the training any time they wish to, the very atmosphere brings a certain degree of laxity which affects the learning process. Hence, it has been prescribed by the States that teens going for online driver’s education courses should everyday avail of:

  • 2 hours of driving course, or
  • one hour of in-car training with one hour of theoretical training, or
  • one hour of in-car training

These time limitations and requirements are prescribed keeping in mind the teens’ typical psychology and his usual school education routine. A one-two hours of driving education session would keep the young driver connected with the course and at the same time would not interfere with his regular school and study structure. The very time limit is also applicable for PTDE teen driver’s courses and assures that the tutors, i.e. parents too are not getting overburdened with multiple hours of instruction. Besides, these everyday time requirements won’t even tamper with their daily professional commitments.

Apart from these, there are some other vital student requirements for the teen driver education courses. According to most of the teen driving laws, teenagers should wait till they are minimum fifteen years old before they sit for learner’s permit test. This particular written test is needed to achieve the driving license. This is the reason why many high end driving schools would suggest joining with a driving education program only when the teen is just a couple of weeks away from his 15th birthday. However, the teen drivers’ education has to be completed before the candidate’s 18th birthday.

There are some additional student requirements when a teen is about to get into drivers education courses. Firstly, the teen students should have a driver permit for minimum six months prior to applying for their provisional license. The teen students have to be minimum 16 years of age to request or apply for his provisional license. And yes, the teen driver with new learner’s permit can only practice driving if he is accompanied by any other licensed and adult driver of 21 years or above.

Besides, the below 18 drivers from the teen driver’s education programs are not permitted to drive with more than 1 person below the age group of twenty-one in the car unless that person is his immediate family part. In addition, the teen drivers from the driving instruction sessions are prohibited to take the steering from midnight to 5 a.m., except there are some medical emergency or employment issues or school-authorized activities. However, the license restriction would be taken up after six months-1 year if the teen driver shows up with a clean driving record sans any collision or traffic ticket.

Lastly, there’s another vital student requirement from the States for the teen driver’s education instruction permit. It’s known as the “Zero Tolerance” regulation in Texas and according to it the teen’s application regarding the driver’s instruction permit have to be signed from his guardian or parent on the statement that in case the teen is found to be drunk, his driving instruction permit would get readily suspended.

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  1. My daughter is 16 yrs old and is interested in driving lessons. She passed her written test and now wants to proceed in getting her permit and then her license. Can you tell me how much the cost would be if I decide to have Mike’s driving school teach her how to drive and to obtain her permit. Also if I decide to have Mike’s teach her to drive I would like to know if instructor comes to the house I also would like to know dates and times that instructor (s) are available. Thank you for your time .

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