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Updated on 8/17/2013

August 2013 Coupon Codes for TrafficSchool101
=== XQU-T10115P === Get 35% or up to $11 off
=== EHZ-T10120P === Get 30% or up to $9 off Coupons
Price: As low as $14.95
Coupon Code: PAS-T10140P
BBB Rating: A+
Delivery: Mail (FedEx)
Phone Number: 800-373-7313

TrafficSchool101 coupons (YTQ-T10135P), (PFD-T10145P) and (PAS-T10140P) are available to save you even more on your online traffic school courses. The discount is applied to once you apply the coupon during the checkout.

Have you been handed over a ticket for driving fast and wondering how much this ticket is going to cost you in terms of fine and traffic school? In case you have, you have an option of clearing off your driving record and save money on your traffic school using trafficSchool101 coupon codes for your discount. It is possible for you to pay off fines and undergo a course in a Traffic school. Traffic schools have been in vogue since a long time. There are two primary benefits of traffic schools. You can first clear off any mark on your past driving record once you undertake one of these courses. Secondly, if you provide the certificate of this course while applying for insurance, you would be entitled to get lower insurances. However getting to a place to undergo traffic training and defensive driving lessons are too big a hassle and finding a traffic school coupon that works could be another.

After all, hunting for a traffic school in your local area is a big trouble and most local traffic schools do not offer any discounts or coupon codes. In fact, chances are quite slim that you would get a good state accredited traffic close by. Even if you got one, getting to that place at a set time regularly to complete your course is quite difficult. That is exactly why online traffic schools came into existence. These online schools provide you with the convenience of undergoing the course from anywhere you wanted. An added incentive that you would be provided with is that you can complete the course at your own pace. You do not have to follow the pace of a regular school. In case you are good and adept, you can simply pick on and complete the course within a couple of hours. At the same time in case you cannot afford a lot of time, you are not going to be disqualified if you do not complete the course in a given time frame. Of these online traffic schools, one of the most respected of all schools is the This is one of the most preferred and cheapest online traffic schools in existence. has been in business for more than decade. Ever since its inception it has maintained the highest standards and has therefore been on top. Not many people are aware that this was one of the first online traffic schools that has been accredited and approved by the State. The course module is quite easy and student friendly making it quite easy to be picked up. In fact, getting a certificate from here would definitely get a point off from your driving history. In fact if you come out with flying colors you would actually be able to clear off your history completely.

The courses here are pretty well drawn out, keeping in touch with the latest trends that are being followed in the driving schools. In fact they have been a member of the Better Business Bureau ever since its inception. If you check out their rating you would see the better Business Bureau has provided them with an A+.  If you are unable to complete the course from here, you are provided with a 100% cash back offer. NO other traffic school would provide you with such value for money as In fact they have a monthly drawing where you could be lucky enough to win completely free courses. In case you want to get an additional certificate from here, you have the privilege of doing it for free. It is not in their company policy to charge extra for that.

Value for money is not just the only benefit that you get from here. is one of the few places where you can actually get value for time as well. The course structure here does not take more than 6 to 7 hours to get completed. Moreover, in case you realize that your court due date is a bit closer that you had thought, you can get a one day course from here. In fact, in case you want a guarantee on the delivery and get your certificate from FedEx.

This is one website which delivers what it promises promptly. In fact this is one of the few online traffic schools that deliver with such perfection and professionalism. The management here always has their students in their minds. That is why their technical support is available for you 24 by 7. As far as the customer support is concerned, their lines are open 8am to 5 pm. So if you are wondering which traffic school to pick, you can totally pick,

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  1. Saved me an easy 15% using your second posted traffic101 coupon code. Wish I could have applied the same discount to my traffic fine =(

  2. Traffic101 offers the easiest online traffic school classes. Their fee was the lowest to begin with and the coupon that I used brought my total down to less than $14! Thanks for posting the coupon.

  3. Saved me about $4 using YTQ-T10135P coupon code for their online traffic school class for California. Not bad at all – it took me close to 2.5 hours to complete (I’m a very fast reader)

  4. YTQ-T10135P saved me 15% on my online traffic school. Wish I had known about traffic101 when I completed my traffic school last year as well.

  5. I thought being from the “old generation’, this online traffic school thing would be hard for me but it was much easier then I imagined – The coupon code saved me $3.85 and the close was about 3 hours long. Thanks

  6. I used traffic101 a while back and I have to say that their old site was not as good as the new one – I am glad that their low prices still stayed the same and that I was still able to save some more by using your posted coupon.

  7. I tried so many coupons for traffic101 that didn’t work until I came across your postings – I have to say that the first one that I tried worked and saved me $5. Enjoyed reading the rest of your posts on online traffic schools as well.

  8. I have been looking for a low cost dependable online traffic school for couple of weeks now and traffic101 exceeded my expectations by far. They offered the cheapest online traffic school course for California with great customer service and on time delivery of my completion certificate.

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