What can you do if you can’t afford to pay for your traffic ticket?

Most people are shocked when they are slapped with a citation for a moving violation. Naturally we go about our daily routines without a care in the world for tickets – however, one moment of inattention can result in a ticket totaling hundreds of dollars – especially if the infraction is for something significant such as passing a school bus when it’s lights are flashing. When something like that happens, it is always jarring as the fine is high and points are added to your license. What can you do if the fine is high and you cannot afford to pay for your traffic ticket?

Well, although the court will never let you off the hook for a traffic citation, you can always plead your case with the judge. After all, judges are human and they will understand your hardship case if properly presented. What generally happens in such circumstances is that you pay what you can up front and then ask for a continuance so that you have additional time in which to collect the money needed to pay the remainder of the fine. However, be warned that such stays are never more than sixty additional days.

Sometimes the court will even set up a payment plan whereby you can pay off your ticket. However, the monthly payment plan is very rare and only works in very exceptional circumstances. Your best option is to plead your case with the court and to ask for a continuance and then put yourself on a weekly payment plan until you have collected the funds needed to cover your fine. The other alternative is to ask your family for a loan or try to get a loan from your financial institution in order to cover your fine and then pay it back slowly.

Receiving a traffic violation can really throw a wrench into your budget – especially if you are on a very tight one. While there is no real way of getting out of paying your fine, there are ways of mitigating the impact and asking for a continuance is really your best option.

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3 Responses to “What can you do if you can’t afford to pay for your traffic ticket?”

  1. I got a speeding ticket for speed 18 miles over the speed limit and I’m a student in high school, I have no job and I can’t pay for any increase in my insurance. I want to know what to do…
    I want to pay it off and do defense driving to get it off my record, I can barely pay for the ticket so what can I do?

  2. This article is a joke first you state that judges are human lets face fcts all the system cares about is money if you got money you will be ok if not well get ready to sit in the pokey

  3. The last time I sat in municipal court I saw at least 6 people be able to set up payment plans. And I know of several people (myself included) that have been able to set up payment plans. I cannot think of a single time that I have heard of anyone being denied a payment plan. When I had my accident my plan was set to pay $25/month with the balance being taken out of my state tax return when that came in assuming there was a balance. Anyone recieving a ticket that cannot afford to pay it out right is very wise to ask for a payment plan. Just be sure not to miss a payment, I have seen a few of my friends get locked up for missing them. Although Im sure things very from county to county.

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