What is the likelihood of winning when fighting a traffic ticket?

Suddenly you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror and hear the familiar siren signalling you to pull over. You stop and an officer walks over and hands you a ticket for a moving violation. Chances are your first inclination is to fight the ticket. However, before you run speeding off to the courthouse ready to defend yourself, you must know that the likelihood of winning when fighting a traffic ticket is very slim – even if you are in the right.

The only chance of really winning the contest is if the officer who gave you the ticket does not show up at the courthouse on the date of your hearing. If the officer does show up, then you can forget about winning. Should you lose your challenge, then you will not only be responsible for the cost of the original infraction, but you will also get slapped with a penalty and will have to assume all court fees – which could result in a tripling of the original fine.

Although, it is human nature to want to challenge something like a traffic ticket, doing so might not be in your best interests. Your best bet is to first call you your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Traffic Bureau to find out what your smartest options are for minimizing the impact that a traffic violation will have on your driving record. If you are eligible then you will be able to sign up for traffic school and eventually clear the citation from your record or restore any lost points.

If you do decide to challenge your traffic ticket, then be sure you understand that the odds of winning are slim and that you will have a much greater fine to pay if you lose.

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