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  • Can I get arrested for not paying my parking ticket?

    I have an unpaid parking ticket in San Diego California which I plan on paying as soon as I get my first paycheck next weekend. I was wondering if there was a possibility for me to get arrested sin... Read More

  • Traffic schools with pizza

    I remember a while back where there were traffic schools offering free pizzas. I have been looking every where online for those traffic schools and haven't really found anything. Can anyone tell me... Read More

  • Traffic school for cell phone ticket in San Diego

    My son just got a ticket for being on his cell phone while driving his car. Does anyone know if the courts would allow him to go to a traffic school in order to get this off of his record? Seeing h... Read More

  • Administrative fee to take online traffic school

    I am thinking of requesting for an online traffic school for my traffic ticket in San Diego California. I know that in additional to the traffic school fee there is also an administrative fee that ... Read More

  • San Fransisco traffic ticket

    I got a moving violation ticket in San Fransisco last month while visiting my sister. Unfortunately I live in San Diego and I am thinking of contesting the ticket. Is there a way that I can do it l... Read More

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