Defensive Driving - Compare the best and the cheapest online defensive driving courses side by side

With so many defensive driving courses available online, one wonders which one to choose from. We have done the legwork for you and have put together a list of the top court approved online defensive driving courses with easy to follow side by side comparison.

Whether you are looking for an online defensive driving course in Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, New York or any other parts of the country, you are only a click away from signing up and completing your defensive driving course.

Name Price* Coupon Code BBB Rating Courses Offered Phone Number
1 Getdefensive_logo $25.00 B Texas Defensive Driving, Ticket Dismissal, Adult Drivers Ed, Teen Drivers Ed, Texas Driver Record 800-851-3007 Visit_site
2 Idrivesafely-logo $25.00 A+ Defensive Driving, Traffic School, Teen & Adult Drivers Ed, Mature Insurance Reduction, Approved Driving Record 800-723-1955 Visit_site
3 Traffic101_logo $29.95 PAS-T10140P
20% Off
A+ Texas Defensive Driving, Online Traffic School 800-373-7313 Visit_site
4 Defensive-driving-com $25.00 A+ Defensive Driving, Traffic School 888-545-5422 Visit_site
5 Logo-driversed $29.95 NFLDefensiveBOZ
5% Off
A+ Defensive Driving, Traffic School, Online & In Car Drivers Ed, Adult Drivers Ed, DMV Practice Test 877-877-2525 Visit_site

Tips on Choosing the Right Defensive Driving Course for Yourself

Defensive driving lessons are compulsory for every driver on the road. Defensive driving teaches you how to control the steering tactfully in spite of many stressful conditions and adverse traffic situations. Thus, it makes you a much responsible driver minimizing traffic accidents. Besides, defensive driving can retain your car efficiency and longevity as safe drivers do not go for rash driving putting unnecessary pressure on the vehicle and its parts. Then, defensive driving even helps in amending traffic tickets and reduces the dark spots on your driving records. In addition, a certificate of defensive driver can deduct your auto insurance rates substantially.

Types of defensive driving courses offered

There is a good number of driving programs offered in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, New York and other states that offer defensive driving lessons. You will get both the in-classroom courses with the driving instructors instructing you as well as the online courses where you can learn from home. Now, many people interested in learning defensive driving are usually in a dilemma which course to choose for. If you too are one of them then the article here would of immense help to you. The write up below is all about to guide you on how to choose the ideal defensive driving course for yourself.

Offline vs. online defensive driving courses

Firstly, the experts would suggest that you choose for the online defensive driving course over the traditional option, especially when you have a busy schedule. It’s because the conventional in-classroom classes are time bound while the virtual ones would be self paced. These are accessible 24x7 and thus one can start off even at the wee hours. You can log in whenever you wish to and log out as per your convenience. Then when you join the next day, your course would be continued from where you left out the earlier day.

Look for the ratings and the reviews on the defensive driving school

The next pointer advises that always go for a reputable name. Start asking your acquaintances for reference and recommendations on the online defensive driving schools. If they have a positive experience they can refer you to that particular school directly saving a lot of search from your side. On the other hand, if they were displeased with their defensive driving lessons, they can warn you to stay away from it.

But in case, you didn’t find any referral help, it is better you starting searching yourself over the net. A market survey is no doubt time consuming but unavoidable too as every defensive driving course online cannot be suitable for you and if you unfortunately get hooked up with a wrong course it would only mean wastage of time and money. You have to check the credentials of the internet defensive driving lesson plan you are going for. Your internet defensive driving course should be duly accredited and approved. It must be recognized by your State Court as well as auto insurance agencies otherwise your certificate from the course would neither dismiss your ticket nor reduce auto insurance. Besides, check that it is approved by BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is another solid legitimacy proof for the course. You can also ask the State court or the auto insurance agencies for help. They have a list of defensive driving courses which are recognized and approved by them.

It’s important that you check the lesson plans before joining up with the site. You have to ensure that the training lessons offered by your chosen site matches up with your particular skill level. The companies offering for defensive driving courses have different course programs for young driver improvement, for beginners and for the veterans as well. It’s better if your selected online course can advise the most ideal course for you.

Defensive driving prices

Also check for the costs of the online defensive driving course. Make sure that the defensive driving course is affordable for you. Don’t go unnecessarily for expensive courses when you could find the same type of courses for less than $50. Moreover, don’t forget to check the discounts offered by the site. Some of the sites do help in 5-10 dollars of savings on the course or admission fee. You must go for defensive driving course that can promise of maximum number of discounts. It’s good to mention that a good number of defensive driving sites provide for refer-a-friend bonus which can be really helpful for you if you have a brother or friend waiting to join up for defensive driving lesson next to you.

Defensive driving money back guarantee

The best defensive driving courses online always guarantees you of free discharge of certificate and money back guarantee if the clients fail to pass in the defensive driving test. Last but not the least, the defensive driving courses you are opting for should promise of a trusted customer service. Actually when you are having the course online, you have to do everything on your own and there’s no instructor to guide you. Thus, you need to join up with a defensive driving course that can assist you with a 24/7 loyal customer service.

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