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With so many drivers ed classes available online, one wonders which one to choose from. We have done the legwork for you and have put together a list of the top online drivers ed courses with easy to follow side by side comparison.

Whether you are looking for an online drivers ed course in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona or any other parts of the country, you are only a click away from signing up and completing your drivers education course.

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How Does Drivers Education Work?

A Driver’s education is the most elementary requirement when you go for your authentic driver’s license. The driver’s education comprises of both the theoretical study materials as well as an outdoor training session. It teaches you everything from the road signs, to traffic rules to basic driving skills and techniques. Moreover, it imparts information on the car parts and also provides for vehicle maintenance tips. If you wish to know more, here is an insight on the working procedure of a driver’s education program, step by step. The entire process takes place in 3 levels with the license achievement by the candidate in the final step.

Level 1: Theoretical driver training

Driving education is given both in the conventional classroom infrastructure as well as in the online format. Parents are not allowed to teach their teens on the basic driving instruction. However, whatever learning medium you take up (either offline or online) just make sure that it’s a state licensed and DMV approved driving education course. The minimum requirements for the basic driving education are:
  • A classroom instruction for 30 hours strictly (without considering the breaks)
  • If you are going for the online based class, check that the internet driver’s education course plan is equivalent to the mentioned time span.
  • Besides, the student should come out with passing grade.

Level 2: Acquiring learner permit

The learner’s permit would enable you to take up the steering legally, provided there’s an adult beside you for supervision who should not be below 25 years of age. The learner’s permit has to be held for 6 months. The candidate should not be below 15 and half years of age to get the permit.

Firstly, you have to go for an appointment with your local office for Department of Motor Vehicles. You would need a genuine driver’s license form (Form DL 44) which should be signed by the parent or your guardian. In case, she or he is unable to attend the appointment with you, you can request the DMV for sending a form to your parent so that he can place his sign beforehand.

The DMV appointment would ask you to follow the necessary details:
  • Provide your SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Turn in the DL 44
  • Put your thumbprint where asked for
  • Get your snap taken
  • Show the authentic birth certificate/ certified Xerox copy of it. In case, the candidate is not U.S. born, he must provide with evidence proving him as a legal American resident
  • Provide your complete legal name
  • Submit the exact proof of the completion certificates for the driving education classes, obtained from your instructor
  • Pay the needed application fee, that is needed for a year ( this is sufficient even if the candidate needs to retake a written test)
  • Pass your vision test
  • Pass the written test on traffic signs as well as traffic laws. The DMV would allow for alternative exam methods if the candidate has special needs.

The written exam would be a multiple choice questionnaire where the candidate has to answer minimum 39 questions rightly from 46. The candidates are permitted to take the exam 3 times and in case he cannot pass through the 1st one, he has to wait for further 7 days in between the tests.

If one fails even in the 3rd phase, he has to start off with a new application again with another Form DL 44.

Level 3: Driver’s Training

The candidates aspiring for driver’s license should go for an effective on-road driver’s training with licensed instructors prior to taking his driving exam. The course has to be DMV approved and come with behind the steering instructions for 6 hours at least (not more to 2 hours for one single stretch).

Moreover, during the 6 months the candidate would be holding his learner’s permit, he should practice the driving for an extra fifty hours, under the supervision of a guardian or parent from passenger seat. Among the 50 hours, 10 hours must be allotted for night time driving. The guardian or parent would then sign up behind the learner’s permit approving that these mentioned hours were being driven.

Level 4: Getting the final Driver’s License

After the candidate has successfully completed all the 3 levels specified above and has maintained his learner’s permit for 6 months minimum, it’s time to apply for the provisional driver’s permit license. The license would be given after the candidate has passed through the road exam. In case, the candidate is below 18, he should have his guardian, parent, licensed driver above 25 years of age or a certified, licensed driving instructor accompanying him. Every state offers different kinds of driver licenses that would stay valid up to 4 years.

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