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Multiple Speeding Tickets Same Day - Texas

Multiple Speeding Tickets Same Day - Texas

Postby rybowens » Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:04 pm

I was on my way back from Lubbock, Texas to Houston, Texas where I was stopped twice for speeding; one in Lubbock going 46 in a 35(I thought was 40) and second in Cameron going 77 in a 60(I thought was 70). I am not disputing the fact that I speed, it just sucks getting two in the same day and not 'purposely' speeding.. but I digress.

My question is with how to go about taking care of these. I have already used my defensive driving for the year so I have requested Deffered Adjudication for both(Can I even do this?). Lubbock ticket will be 250$ and the Cameron Ticket will be 300$. Quite expensive.. Can you actually defer two tickets in two separate counties on the same day and be alright? ..and to go a step further a new law in Texas says that for traffic violations for individuals under the age of 25, like myself, are now required to take defensive driving course anyway(even though it won't dismiss the ticket). Is there a way that I can only take the defensive driving course once and get two copies? I don't think I could handle 12hours of online defensive driving(6+6).

I have been looking online for a similar case with no luck, let me know. If you need anymore information as well.
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